All Natural -No hormones or antibiotics

Steers are sold in whole, half, and split quarter portions. 
     CURRENT BEEF PRICE :  $2.95 Per Pound  (Hanging Weight)**   
**Processing is paid separately (meat is processed by Gehring Meat Market). Call for individual cuts or visit our FARM STORE
– (262)-305-5735

Black Angus Beef Steers will weigh between 1100 to 1300 lbs when ready for butchering

The average yields:

  • 1200 lbs live weight
  • 750 lbs hanging weight
  • 500 lbs take home weight

On average, a HALF order of beef would translate into:

12-14 pcs – 3/4″ thick T-bone / Porterhouse Steaks

12-14 pcs – 3/4″ thick Rib Steaks

6-8 pcs – 3/4″ thick Sirloin Steaks

6-8 pcs – 3/4″ thick Round Steaks

3 pcs – 3 lbs Rump Roast

12-15 pcs – 3 lbs Chunk Roasts

95 to 100 lbs – 1 lb packages of Ground Beef 

Also available: pre-made patties, beef sticks, summer sausage, short ribs, soup bones, & liver

Interested in Ordering?

Call Roger with questions at (262) 305-5735 or visit our FARM STORE to see what is available. We do not ship but you can order online and pickup at the store.