All Natural -No hormones or antibiotics

Steers are sold in whole, half, and split quarter portions. 

 Processing is paid separately (meat is processed by Gehring Meat Market). Call for individual cuts or visit our FARM STORE – (262)-305-5735

Black Angus Beef Steers will weigh between 1100 to 1300 lbs when ready for butchering

The average yields:

  • 1200 lbs live weight
  • 750 lbs hanging weight
  • 500 lbs take home weight

On average, a HALF order of beef would translate into:

12-14 pcs – 3/4″ thick T-bone / Porterhouse Steaks

12-14 pcs – 3/4″ thick Rib Steaks

6-8 pcs – 3/4″ thick Sirloin Steaks

6-8 pcs – 3/4″ thick Round Steaks

3 pcs – 3 lbs Rump Roast

12-15 pcs – 3 lbs Chunk Roasts

95 to 100 lbs – 1 lb packages of Ground Beef 

Also available: pre-made patties, beef sticks, summer sausage, short ribs, soup bones, & liver

Interested in Ordering?

Call Roger with questions at (262) 305-5735 or visit our FARM STORE to see what is available. We do not ship but you can order online and pickup at the store.